Eatwell everyday

Eatwell Everyday brings together all the recommendations for a healthy balanced diet, showing what the Eatwell Guide can look like over the course of a week.


Scrambled egg, slice of wholemeal toast and lower fat spread, and a glass of fresh orange juice

5 mins
415 calories


Baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise filling

10 mins
649 calories


Cottage pie with vegetables, followed by a banana

60 mins
396 calories

Additional food/drinks

Apple, orange, raisins and slice of toast with lower fat spread

5 mins
351 calories

What is Eatwell Everyday?

Eatwell Everyday shows you how you can use the Eatwell Guide to eat more healthily, bringing together all the recommendations for a healthy balanced diet including two examples of a week’s meal plan.  

The menus demonstrate the need to limit the amount of foods high in fats, salt and sugars in your diet, with meals that are based on starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.

Each meal contains tips and advice to help create your own healthy balanced diet, supporting you in making positive long term changes.

About Eatwell Everyday

Learn more about the resource and how you can use Eatwell Everyday to eat more healthily on your own.

Eatwell Shopping List

Get handy shopping lists for both our meal plans with advice for shopping for one, and quantities for two people or a family of four.

For Practitioners

Find out how the resource was developed, including the nutritional analysis behind the meals.