Eat Well, Your Way

You don’t have to go to these lengths to eat healthier!

Eat Well, Your Way is a new resource we’ve developed to help you take small manageable steps to eat healthier. We know it can be hard to choose healthier options so we have designed this resource to help you do this in ways that suit you.

There’s practical tips and advice on what you can do when planning and shopping, preparing meals and eating out.

  • Shopping – get the most from your money and help the environment
  • In the kitchen – equipment and ingredients to have handy, and how to cook in ways that are healthier and cheaper
  • Eating out – tips for what you can do when eating out, including takeaways

You can choose to answer three short questions to get information tailored to you, or explore the whole site.

If you’re worried about being able to stick to your goals, we also have advice on how you can make small changes and stick to them.

Eat Well, Your Way

Eat Well, Your Way

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