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Safety & Regulation

Our Food Safety and regulation pages cover all of our advice and guidance for business, industry and Local Authority enforcement officers.

EU Exit guidance

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Food & Feed law

Food Law Codes of practice for Local Authorities

Local Authority approvals

Authorities in all EU Member States have to approve establishments that handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin.

FSS Approved Establishments

Authorities in all European Union Member States have to approve establishments that handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin.

Audit & Monitoring

Food Standards Scotland audits Local Authority food and feed enforcement activities and publishes reports of our findings.

EU Exit - Health and Identification Marks

Guidance for food businesses in Scotland producing products of animal origin (POAO). 

Imports & Exports

If you’re importing or exporting food, you need to comply with regulations. Failure to do so could cause enforcement authorities to take action.

Labelling & Composition Standards

Food Standards Scotland has policy responsibility for food information, food labelling, food standards and nutrition labelling in Scotland.

Foods for Particular Nutritional Uses

Foods for particular nutritional uses are foodstuffs which are clearly distinguishable from foodstuffs for normal consumption.

Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee

The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) co-ordinates food law enforcement, sampling and surveillance activities of Scottish local authorities.

Regulation & Legislation

On this page you can find information on important aspects of food and feed law and our role as a Scottish regulator.

Food Hygiene Information Scheme

Information for businesses about FHIS

Eat Safe Award

Information for businesses about the Eat Safe Award scheme.

Meat Cutting Plant and Cold Store Review

Information about the UK review of cutting plants and cold stores being carried out by Food Standards Scotland and the Food Standards Agency.


A free, secure, online tool that supports food businesses to manage allergen information and calculate calories in the food they serve.

Novel Foods

Information for businesses on how to make sure the food products you sell comply with the novel food legislation

Food allergies

Guidance for businesses on providing allergen information to consumers.

Regulated products and processes

Outline of the authorisation process from 1 January 2021

Risk Analysis

Information about the risk analysis process in the UK from 1 January 2021