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Approved premises

​Approved Establishments Register

Authorities in all European Union Member States have to approve establishments that handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin, according to Regulation (EC) 853/2004


Corporate Plan 2021-2024

Our three year Corporate Plan, which describes the work that will be undertaken to deliver our new strategy between 2021-24.

Shellfish results

Shellfish Results - week ending 11 June 2021

Shellfish results

Shellfish Results - week ending 04 June 2021

Shellfish results

Shellfish Results - week ending 28 May 2021


Managing Shellfish Toxin Risks in the Scallop Sector

This document provides information intended to assist enforcement officers and food businesses in the scallop sector in order to ensure compliance with toxin standards set out in Regulation (EC) 853/2004.


Register of Board Members Interests

The Schedule to The Ethical Standards in Public Life etc (Scotland) Act 2000 (Register of Interests) Regulations 2003 sets out the interests which must be registered by Board Members.

Research report

COVID-19 Consumer Tracker Wave 7