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FSS Board Meeting - 7 December 2022

Out of Home Scotland 2021

This report provides an overview of the out of home environment in Scotland during 2021.

Overview of the Total Food and Drink Landscape in Scotland 2021

This report presents an overview of the total food and drink landscape in Scotland in 2021, which consists of the retail and out of home markets. 

Monitoring retail purchase and price promotions in Scotland 2021

This report provides information on retail purchasing patterns of food and drink in Scotland, comparing trends throughout 2019 - 2021, using data from Kantar.

Eating patterns and behaviours inside the home in Scotland 2021

This report summarises insights into eating patterns and behaviours inside the home, in Scotland, during 2021.


FSS Sustainability Plan

Approved premises

​Approved Establishments Register

Authorities in all European Union Member States have to approve establishments that handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin, according to Regulation (EC) 853/2004