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Food Standards Scotland (FSS) is the public sector food body for Scotland.

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Hand holding a sign that says 'we're here to protect consumers in Scotland from food safety risks and promote healthy eating'

Food Standards Scotland was established on 1 April 2015 as the new public sector food body for Scotland. To protect the health and wellbeing of consumers we have three objectives as set under the Food (Scotland) Act 2015. 

  • To protect the public from risks to health which may arise in connection with the consumption of food
  • To improve the extent to which members of the public have diets which are conducive to good health
  • To protect the other interests of consumers in relation to food

We have a unique role in government, working independently of Ministers and industry, to provide advice which is impartial, and based on robust science and data.

Our remit covers all aspects of the food chain which can impact on public health – aiming to protect consumers from food safety risks and promote healthy eating.

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Our strategy: 2021 to 2026

We focus on the issues that matter most to people in Scotland, including renewed emphasis on improving the Scottish diet and associated negative health consequences.

Who we are

Food Standards Scotland is involved all along the food chain to ensure that what ends up on your plate is safe and authentic.

Our remit

Read about our remit as a competent authority in Scotland to enforce and monitor food and feed regulations.

How we work

On this page, you can read about our approach to procurement, as well as how we make our decisions, how we are accountable and how we work openly and in partnership with others.


Find out how to search and apply for jobs at Food Standards Scotland.


We regularly consult with stakeholders and consumers to develop policy that will ensure food and feed in Scotland continues to be safe, and help consumers make informed decisions about the food they eat.

Case Studies

Read about our food safety and healthy eating campaigns targeted at consumers across Scotland. 

Vision and mission

Our vision is to create a safe, healthy and sustainable food environment that benefits and protects the health and well-being of everyone in Scotland.