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Find out about the research we do to support the improvement of the Scottish diet.

Our Public Health Nutrition Strategy formally sets out our revised approach to addressing our statutory objective to improving the diet of the population in Scotland.

Read our Public Health Nutrition Strategy (April 2023).

We provide advice in relation to diet and nutrition, specifically on how we can help people in Scotland have healthier diets. So that we can provide robust evidence based guidance, we undertake research into a variety of topics relating to diet and nutrition.

Our Situation Report on the Scottish diet presents a collation of evidence around diet and diet-related health in Scotland. The report draws together evidence from FSS publications, and other credible publications to make the case for improving the diet in Scotland.

Read our Situation Report.

Image shows goalposts with footballs not going into the net. Text reads Scotland has been missing its dietary goals for 17 years

Our latest update to the Situation Report highlights the ongoing challenges to improve the Scottish diet, with particular focus on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Scotland’s food environment and consumer behaviours. It shows that there continues to be a lack of progress towards the Scottish dietary goals, and that some unfavourable dietary behaviours have intensified, including increased snacking behaviours, purchase of discretionary foods and the considerable growth in takeaways.

This report builds upon our existing evidence on food and drink purchase and consumption patterns. Future monitoring is required  to determine the wider impacts on overall food and drink purchasing patterns since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

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Dietary intake

Monitoring progress towards achieving the Scottish Dietary Goals by looking at dietary intakes. 

Shopping habits

Research into consumer habits when shopping for food.

The out of home environment

Research undertaken to understand the availability, behaviour and attitudes to food eaten outside the home.

Consumer attitudes towards food

To improve the Scottish diet, it’s important we understand the attitudes of consumers when it comes to food.

Evidence reviews and modelling

We have commissioned a number of evidence reviews, dietary modelling exercises and briefing papers, building on our role as the primary source of evidence on diet and nutrition in Scotland.

Developing consumer advice

Our advice on healthy eating is underpinned by robust evidence on diet and nutrition.

Position statements and consultation responses

Our responses to Scottish Government, UK Government and other announcements relating to diet and nutrition

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