Official controls in approved meat premises

Our role is to make sure Scotland’s meat industry protects public health, and pays due consideration to the health and welfare of animals at slaughter.

‘Official controls’ mean making specified inspections of all animals, carcasses and offal. These risk-based audits help ensure that Scotland’s fresh meat premises comply with EU food hygiene regulations. We also carry out official controls on animal health and welfare for Defra.

Manual for Official Controls

The Manual  and Meat Industry Guide gives you details of the tasks, responsibilities and duties of our staff and veterinary contractors in approved establishments.



Some of the services we provide in approved meat premises are paid for by other government departments (checks on animal by-product controls, for example), so they’re free. However, some of our services are charged to food business operators (FBOs).

Charges for Official Controls in Approved Meat Establishments in Scotland

The charges guide aims to assist Food Business Operators (FBOs) in understanding:

  • why charges are made for the services that we provide
  • who does the FSS charge and what does it charge for
  • how are the charges calculated and made for services provided by the FSS
  • the ways that FBOs can keep their charges to a minimum
  • the frequency they will be invoiced for the services provided
  • the methods by which FBOs can pay for charges and when payment is due
  • what to do if FBOs are unhappy with their charges.

Business Agreement Guidance for Approved Meat Establishments in Scotland

This guidance is designed to support FBO in the process of working with FSS to develop a business agreement specific to their establishment.

This document outlines how Food Standards Scotland calculated the charge out rates to industry for 2022/2023


For information on how we audit Approved meat premises, see our Approved Establishments Page.

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We ensure that animals are protected prior to and during slaughter and killing.