Food and feed law

Food Law Codes of Practice for local authorities.

Codes of Practice

The Codes of Practice set out instructions and criteria to which Local Authorities (Food Authorities) should have regard when engaged in the enforcement of food law. Authorities must have regard to the processes and criteria in the Code when carrying out Official Food Controls.

The Code reflects current policy on enforcement and economic circumstances to ensure that intervention and enforcement action taken by officers is effective, consistent and proportionate.

If you have any queries about the Codes and/or Practice Guidance please contact

Food and feed law guide

We maintain a guide to food and feed legislation in Scotland. Food information law and enforcement is covered separately on our Labelling pages.

Enforcement letters

We write to local authority enforcement officers to advise them of changes to food or feed enforcement practices and all letters are published on this website. In addition, previous letters to local authorities concerning feed enforcement practices are provided.

Enforcement letters to local authority environmental health officers prior to 2015 are in The National Archive.

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