Change of Food Business Operator

Information for changes to food business operators (FBO).

If an approved food business changes its food business operator (FBO), the business will need a new approval before it can continue. The new FBO can carry on under the existing approval for up to four weeks until the new assessment – on the following conditions:

  • The new FBO applies to us for a new approval within one calendar week of the change. If the FBO doesn’t do this, we will formally notify them that the approval is no longer in force and all approvable activity must stop.
  • To safeguard public health, the new FBO must not make significant changes to the food safety control arrangements or activities being carried out at the premises.
  • FBOs must give us as much notice as possible of a potential change in FBO.

Contact for the re-approval form.

Planning for a change of FBO

If you know a change is going to happen, we can provide a pre-change advisory assessment to help identify any potential barrier to approval. While it’s not a guarantee of approval, it can be helpful.

FBO changes since 2006

If your establishment has changed FBO since 2006 without subsequent re-approval, you need to re-apply to us. We’ll carry out an assessment within three weeks of receiving your application.

Contact for the re-approval form.

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