FSS Approved Establishments

Authorities in all European Union Member States have to approve establishments that handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin.

Approval of meat plants

EU member states must publish lists of approved establishments, each corresponding to a different food sector. Under food hygiene legislation, meat plants require our approval to operate, unless they benefit from specific exemptions.

We’re responsible for approving slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments, as those facilities require the presence of an Official Veterinarian. If a plant also has on-site cold stores, minced meat, meat preparation or meat products establishments, we need to approve these too. However, if they’re stand-alone establishments, your local authority will assess them.

Audit of Meat Establishments

Food Standards Scotland carries out routine audits of approved meat establishments (that is slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments) under veterinary control in Scotland.

These audits aim to ensure that food business operators are complying with food law requirements and to ensure that food businesses operating as a slaughterhouse are complying with relevant standards of animal health and welfare.

The audit frequency is determined by the categorisation of any non-compliance identified.

Audits and follow-up audits are carried out on an announced basis, with unannounced inspections also taking place in between scheduled inspections in cutting plants.

Food Standards Scotland has a dedicated in-house team of trained veterinary auditors carrying out these audits in Scotland.

Food business operators may appeal audit findings. They have up to 14 days following receipt of the audit report to appeal an audit outcome. Food Standards Scotland won’t publish an audit report on the website before the appeal window period has passed. Published reports will not contain potentially sensitive information such as personal details of staff and detailed technical information.

Request for a review of the full audit of food business operators.

Audit Report of Meat Establishments

1152 - B & M Sausages - April 2017

1107 - James Chapman (Butchers) Ltd - April 2017 

1207 - Mr William Holleran And Mr Iain Holleran  - April 2017

1533 - W M Bosomworth - April 2017

1750 - J Gilmour & Co Ltd - April 2017

1535 - Sandyford Abattoir (Paisley) Ltd -  April 2017

1725 - Yorkes of Dundee - April 2017

1680 - Simon Howie Butchers Ltd - April 2017

1701 - Hubertus Game Ltd - April 2017

1664 - Hugh Black and Sons Ltd - April 2017

1156 - Orkney Meat Processors Ltd - May 2017

1139 - Jameel Poultry Limited - May 2017

1738 - Braehead Foods Ltd - May 2017

1100 - 2 Sisters Poultry Ltd  t/a 2 Sisters Coupar Angus - May 2017

1193 - Gordon McWilliam (Aberdeen) - May 2017

1178 - Highland Game - May 2017

1529 - Hall`s of Scotland - May 2017

1702  - McLays Limited - May 2017

1508 - Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd - May 2017

1151 - Efes Navstar - June 2017

1208 - Rehmat Poultry - June 2017

1756 - Shetland Abattoir - June 2017

1709 - Dunbia Ayr Limited - June 2017

1571 - Ramsay of Carluke - June 2017

1184 - The Ardgay Game Factory Ltd - June 2017

1626 - A K Stoddart Ltd - June 2017

1516 - James Chapman (Butchers) Ltd  (t.a Shotts  Abattoir)   - July 2017

1758-  Kismet (Scotland) Ltd (1758) - July 2017

1585 - Mull Slaughterhouse Ltd (1585) - July 2017

1749 - Alishia Foods (1749) - July 2017

1210 - Rodgers Butchers Wholesale Ltd - August 2017

1206 - HWA UK Ltd (La Belle Boucherie) -  August 2017

1546 - A P Jess (Paisley) Ltd -  August 2017

1505 - Vivers Scotlamb Ltd -  August 2017

1740 - John Henderson (Meat Specialists) Ltd -  August 2017

1163 - Smiths Direct Butchers Ltd -  August 2017

1692- WG Young -  August 2017

1200 - Seriously Good Butchery Ltd -  August 2017

1150 - The Double Doner Kebab Company -  August 2017

1685 - Aberdeenshire Larder -  August 2017

1101 - Anglo Beef  Processors UK  (t/a ABP Perth )  - September 2017


Manual for Official Controls

The Manual for Official Controls (MOC) gives you details of the tasks, responsibilities and duties of our staff and veterinary contractors in approved establishments.

Approved premises in Scotland

Food Standards Scotland approve red and white meat slaughter houses, game handling establishments and cutting plants. If co-located with the previous mentioned operations FSS also approves other activities in relation to products of animal origin.

The full list of approved establishments can be found here.

Applying for approval

A food business can’t be considered for approval until we’ve carried out an assessment, a veterinary manager has made a recommendation, and the approval documentation has been issued to the food business operator.

To apply for approval to operate as a slaughterhouse, cutting plant or game handling establishment, please download the form here or email approvals@fss.scot for an application pack.

When we are in receipt of the completed application and all supporting documentation, the Approvals team will make arrangements for a mutually agreed time for the veterinary manager to visit your establishment. The assessment visit will cover all structural, equipment, HACCP and hygiene requirements, and food businesses will have to meet all the relevant legal requirements of both Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 and Regulation (EC) No 853/2004.

Official Controls Charging

As from 1 May 2017, the undertaking of all approval activity in meat establishments is now charged at an hourly rate of £56.11, this will include time spent by the officer on preparation, visiting establishments and report writing (travel time is not directly chargeable to the individual FBO but is accounted for in the hourly charge).

Find out more about charging.

Appealing a decision

If the premises are refused approval, you have a right to appeal to a sheriff against our decision. This is in accordance with Regulation 12 of the Official Feed and Food Controls Regulations 2009, as amended. The time limit for lodging an appeal is one month from the date of the decision.

Operations team
4th Floor
Food Standards Scotland
Pilgrim House
Old Ford Road
Aberdeen AB11 5RL

Email: openness@fss.scot
Tel: 01224 285100

Withdrawal of approval

We need to ensure that all food business operators of approved meat establishments are producing meat safely. Where we find this is not the case, we can recommend prompt withdrawal of approvals as the ultimate sanction.

In this section

Approved premises inspections

Our verification, audit and meat inspection services protect public and animal health and welfare in Scotland.

Change of Food Business Operator

Information for changes to food business operators (FBO).

Official controls in approved meat premises

Our role is to make sure Scotland’s meat industry protects public health, and pays due consideration to the health and welfare of animals at slaughter.

Meat Industry Guide

The Meat Industry Guide (MIG) assists UK meat plant operators whose premises require approval and veterinary control under the European Union Food Hygiene Regulations.


We ensure that animals are protected prior to and during slaughter and killing.

Wild Game

Requirements for producing meat products, including wild game.

Food chain information

All slaughterhouse operators in Scotland are bound by EU food hygiene legislation to request, receive, check and act on food chain information.

Animal disease

Cattle, sheep and goats are susceptible to a group of brain diseases known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs).

Implementation of PIA Plant Inspection Assistants

Guidance on the implementation of a Plant Inspection Assistant.

Testing for Trichinella in Pigs

Information for businesses on testing for Trichinella in Pigs.

Authorisation of transportation of warm meat

Guidance on the authorisation for transportation of warm meat.

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Imports & Exports

If you’re importing or exporting food, you need to comply with regulations. Failure to do so could cause enforcement authorities to take action.

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