Audit & Monitoring

Food Standards Scotland audits Local Authority food and feed enforcement activities and publishes reports of our findings.

Audits of Local Authorities

All Local Authorities across the UK are subject to the audit process, with the FSA in England, Wales and Northern Ireland co-ordinating their own audit programme.

Audits of Local Authorities’ food law enforcement services are part of Food Standards Scotland arrangements to improve consumer protection and confidence in relation to food. The enforcement of UK food law relating to food safety, hygiene, composition, labelling and imported food is largely the responsibility of local authorities across the UK.

The current programme of audits focus on the authority’s capacity and capability for delivering official controls. The audit process assess the Local Authority’s arrangements for meeting certain operational criteria, particularly on staffing related issues, registration and approval of food business operators, enforcement actions, interventions, procedures for carrying out official controls and transparency about enforcement activities. 

Colour-coded assurance outcome categories were added to the audit process in Scotland to make our assessment easier to interpret. Green and yellow categories are ‘Substantial Assurance’, with robust and well-managed controls, and ‘Reasonable Assurance’, with adequate controls, respectively. Amber and red categories are ‘Limited Assurance’ and ‘Insufficient Assurance’ for weak, and notably weak controls respectively.

Following the audit, Local Authorities are expected to draft an action plan and implement time-bound corrective and preventative action to address any weaknesses identified, and support any necessary improvement.

Capacity and Capability Audit Reports

Capacity and Capability - 790 - Stirling Council

Capacity and Capability - 787 - East Renfrewshire Council

Capacity and Capability - 767 - Scottish Borders Council 

Audit Documents

Capacity and Capability Audit - Audit Brief and Plan (FSS/ENF/16/014)

Food Standards Scotland Local Authority Audit Programme 2022-2023 (FSS/ENF/22/010)

Capacity and Capability Checklists - Regulation (EU) 2017/625 

Article 1

Article 4

Article 5

Article 6

Article 9

Article 10

Article 12

Article 13

Article 14

Article 34

Article 35

Article 105

Article 138

Article 148 and 10

Sampling Activity Audit 

Enforcement Letter - FSS/ENF/19/016  

Audit Brief and Plan (FSS/ENF/19/016)

Questionnaire (FSS/ENF/19/016)

Audit - Sampling Audit - Checklist - Draft September 2019

Sampling Activity Audit Report - FSS/ENF/20/004

Audit of Local Authority implementation of Interventions Food Law Code of Practice (Scotland)

Enforcement Letter - (FSS/ENF/22/011)

Audit Brief and Plan (FSS/ENF/22/011)

Audit of Local Authority implementation of Interventions Food Law Code of Practice (Scotland) - Checklist - (FSS/ENF/22/011)



Audit General Documents

Audit of Enforcement Authorities - Audit Charter ( FSS/ENF/18/001)

Independent Scrutiny of the Local Authority Audit Process 

Indepedent Scrutiny of the Audit Process Report - May 2019

Audit Operational Documents

Auditor Competency Document

Flow Chart - Audit of the Delivery of Official Controls

Pre-Audit Process

Local Authority Advice Notes

Internal Monitoring Guidance (Enforcement Letter - FSS/ENF/17/010  - March 2017)

Root Cause Analysis Advice - July 2018

Other Audit programmes

Food Standards Scotland work with other organisations to deliver official controls. These areas of work are also periodically audited.

2012 Audits:

Audit of the Delivery of Primary Production of Food and Feed Official Controls - Scottish Government: Directorate for Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities: Rural Payments and Inspections Division - Dec 2012 - Closed

2014 Audits:

Audit of the Delivery of Official Controls for the Sampling of Shellfish - HallMark Meat Hygiene Ltd - June 2014 - Closed

Audit of the Delivery of Official Controls for the Sampling of Shellfish - Operations (Scotland) - June 2014


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