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Links to FSS board papers about Brexit and other sources of information about preparing for Brexit. 

FSS Brexit board papers 

Since 2016, FSS has been discussing and planning for Brexit and its possible implications for public health, the food supply chain and our organisation, including the many non-UK EU nationals who make an important contribution as part of our workforce, including many of our many Official Veterinarians from other parts of the EU who provide a vital service to ensure animal welfare and food safety in abattoirs and slaughterhouses.

Some of those discussions are captured in the Board papers below:

Date Board Papers 
March 2017 Initial consideration of consumer interests associated with exiting the European Union
November 2017 Leaving the European Union – progress report, including strategic and practical challenges
March 2018 An update on delivery of FSS Strategy, including the impact of EU exit
May 2018 To provide the Board with background information on ‘single market’ principles and how these relate to the development of UK frameworks in the area of food law
November 2018 Leaving the EU – an update on readiness preparations for various scenarios
February 2019 Preparations for leaving the EU
March 2019 Leaving the EU – food and feed safety risk analysis

Consumer research

Our Consumer Food in Scotland Tracker Survey Wave 7 has the latest consumer opinion on the impact of Brexit on food issues. 

Useful links

Below are some helpful additional sources of information and assistance for businesses and consumers, to ensure we are all as prepared for Brexit as we can be.

'5 essential steps to prepare for a no-deal Brexit' has been prepared by Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Skills Development Scotland and Business Gateway.

Advice for businesses in Scotland about preparing for Brexit from Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Development International, Business Gateway and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Information from the Scottish Government on Brexit and how it may affect people and businesses in Scotland.

UK Government advice

UK Government advice

Information from the UK Government on getting ready for Brexit, including preparing your business, visiting the EU, living and working in the EU and staying in the UK if you're an EU citizen.

Health and Sport Committee papers and reports

FSS has also been invited to give evidence to Health and Sport Committees where the possible impact of Brexit on food has been discussed and analysed:

18 December 2018

6 November 2018

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