Hotline Annual Summary 2018/19

Calls and online reports to the Scottish Food Crime Hotline

This summary shows the latest annual report for calls and online reporting to the Scottish Food Crime Hotline, which Food Standards Scotland runs in partnership with Crimestoppers.

Between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, there was a total of 37 reports to the Hotline, which was set up for both members of the public and industry personnel to anonymously report any suspicions or knowledge of food crime.

We urge anyone with any information on food crime to report it to 0800 028 7926 or using the online form. All reports received are analysed and actioned accordingly by our dedicated intelligence team.

As a public interest matter, we will continue to supply annual summaries of the Scottish Food Crime Hotline reports received.  

If you want to report any concerns directly in confidence with the dedicated intelligence team at the Scottish Food Crime and Incidents Unit, or have any questions in relation to food and drink crime, you can send them at



Calls and online

reports to Crimestoppers

April 2018 2
May 2018 1
June 2018 2
July 2018 2
August 2018 4
September 2018 0
October 2018 5
November 2018 8
December 2018 5
January 2019 4
February 2019 1
March 2019 3
Total 37