Suppliers and import licenses

Ensuring goods are safe and legal before beign improted into the UK

Importers must ensure that their goods are safe and legal before they are purchased from producers and imported into the UK.

Importers should use suppliers who are honest and reliable, and need to know their names and addresses and other relevant contact details. If after import, importers feel any food is not safe they must report it to the Environmental Health Department of their local authority, and not sell it.

Most products of animal origin from outside the European Union (EU) require certification of the product and must come from an approved establishment in an approved country. Lists of EU approved establishments in non-EU countries that supply animal products can be found in the Importing products of animal origin section.

Importers may or may not require import licences when importing certain products; this is dependent on the type of product being imported. The Rural Payments Agency should be contacted  if you have any queries on import licensing. They can be contacted on 03000 200 301 or