Food Liaison Group

The Food Liaison Group is concerned with consistency of food and feed law enforcement activities in individual geographical areas.

The Food Liaison Groups represent all 32 Scottish Local Authorities, divided into four (4) geographic areas across Scotland.  The Groups provide a network to facilitate the collation of good practice identified by Local Authorities and to promote uptake nationally.  This is a vital contribution to the operation of SFELC.  The Liaison Groups also report to the Society of Chief Officers of Environmental Health in Scotland (SOCOEHS) and provide a forum for generating professional advice and guidance on environmental health matters, sharing work experiences and good management practices. 

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East of Scotland food liaison group

Chair – Helen Henderson (Clackmannanshire Council)

Secretary – Margaret Gregory (Angus Council)

Fiona Patterson (Perth and Kinross Council)

Gordon Mason (Stirling Council)

Jacqui Angus (Food Standards Scotland)

Jane Couper (Tayside Scientific Services)

Jane White (Glasgow Scientific Services)

Lindsay Matthew (Dundee City Council)

Lorna Starkey (Fife Council)

Lynne Bissett (Falkirk Council)

North of Scotland food liaison group

Chair – Andrea Carson (Aberdeen City Council)

Secretary – Lynsey Glover (Aberdeenshire Council)

Aidan McCormack (The Moray Council)

Chris Hunt (Edinburgh Scientific Services)

Christine Morrison (Comhairle nan Eilean Siar / Western Isles Council)

David Brown (Orkney Islands Council)

Dawn Manson (Shetland Islands Council)

Graeme Corner (Highland Council)

Kerry Parrott (Aberdeen Scientific Services Laboratory)

Lorna Murray (Food Standards Scotland)

West of Scotland food liaison group

Chair – Karen Wardrope (South Lanarkshire Council)

Vice Chair – Martin Keeley (West Dunbartonshire Council)

Secretary – Brian Whitelaw (North Lanarkshire Council)

Andy MacLeod (Argyll and Bute Council)

Bryan Campbell (Food Standards Scotland)

Catherine Boyd (North Ayrshire Council)

David Hunter (East Renfrewshire Council)

Gerry Fallon (South Ayrshire Council)

Greg Douglas (Dumfries & Galloway Council)

Jane White (Glasgow Scientific Services)

Linda Auld (East Ayrshire Council)

Michael Lapsley (Inverclyde Council)

Paul Birkin (Glasgow City Council)

Robert Marshall (Renfrewshire Council)

Lothian and Borders food liaison group

Chair - Laura Gunning (East Lothian Council)

Chris Hunt (Edinburgh Scientific Services)

Craig Smith (West Lothian Council)

Darren Johnson (East Lothian Council)

Gwen Robertson (Scottish Borders Council)

Karen Gunn (Midlothian Council)

Pat Smyth (Food Standards Scotland)

Paul Bradley (West Lothian Council)

Robbie Beattie (Edinburgh Scientific Services)

Ross Buchanan (Midlothian Council)

Susie McGowan (City of Edinburgh Council)

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Links to guidance, annual reports and national survey reports produced by SFELC.

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The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) meets to help co-ordinate food law enforcement and sampling & surveillance activities of Scottish local authorities.

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Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) office bearers, and SFELC subcommittee, food liaison group and working group contributors.

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Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee

The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) co-ordinates food law enforcement, sampling and surveillance activities of Scottish local authorities.

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