Links to guidance, annual reports and national survey reports produced by SFELC.

Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) has initiated surveys, projects and co-ordinate specific investigations to support Food Standards Scotland (FSS), Local Authorities and other bodies. 

Please note documents still in draft will be in the Committee documents link.  If you are a Committee member and have not got the link to this page please contact the SFELC secretariat at

Terms of Reference

The SFELC terms of reference document details how the committee works


SFELC produces advice and guidance for food safety enforcement staff and food businesses on a number of topics:

Annual Reports

The annual reports provide a summary of the work carried out by the Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) and its associated Subcommittees and Working Groups.

SFELC Annual report 2017-2018

SFELC Annual report 2016-2017

Sampling and Surveillance Working Group (SSWG)

The Sampling and Surveillance Working Group (SSWG) was set up to review sampling data collected by Scottish Local Authorities (LAs). Sampling reports have been produced with data from the UK Food Surveillance System (UKFSS) database since 2007.

Reports are available on the SFELC KHub page. 

National survey reports

The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) commissions surveys through its sub committees to consider food safety and food standards issues in Scotland.

SF01 - Survey of fat content, sulphur dioxide and meat species present in minced meat sold in Scotland during 2000 to 2002

SF03 - Survey of restaurant desserts

SF09 - The fat and salt content of reduced calorie sandwiches

SF10 - Microbiological quality of lettuce used in catering premises

SF11 - SF 16 Microbiological quality of pâté and smoked products/pâtés made by small producers and caterers

SF12 - MSG in food from Chinese takeaways and restaurants

SF20 - Fat and sulphur dioxide levels in lean beef mince and steak mince

SF21 - Microbiological quality of water from water coolers

SF22 - Presence of 'Southampton Colours' in cakes and biscuits made by craft bakers in Scotland

SF23 - Salt levels of craft baked bread products in Scotland

SF26 - Microbiological quality of pre-packed sandwiches at end of shelf-life

SF27 - Colours in confectionary, with a particular focus on imported food

SF28 - Accuracy of labelling of food aimed at gluten intolerance sufferers

SF29 - Microbiological quality of potted meat and similar products

SF30 - Accuracy of meat species labelling and use of colours in Indian, and similar catering premises

SF35 - Microbiological quality of chicken liver pate sold by caterers with a particular emphasis on pate prepared on the premises

Assessment of microbiological cross-contamination from raw meat to cooked meat products

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The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) meets to help co-ordinate food law enforcement and sampling & surveillance activities of Scottish local authorities.

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Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) office bearers, and SFELC subcommittee, food liaison group and working group contributors.

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