Attendees support the work of FSS by providing information and expert advice in relation to food and feed law enforcement.

Important information

Please note that some of the information on this page is out of date. 

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The following individuals currently attend the full SFELC meetings.  It is the responsibility of each representative to disseminate information to relevant persons and to feed information from the organisations they represent into discussions / consultations / work as required. 

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Andrea Carson (Aberdeen City Council) Chair of North of Scotland Food Liaison Group

Andrea Inchausti / Ewan MacDonald-Russell: Scottish Retail Consortium representative

Andy Morrison (Aberdeen City Council) Chair of SFELC Food Safety Subcommittee

Andy Paterson / Mike Parker: Scottish Government: Rural Payments and Inspections Division representative

Cat Hay / Neil Purdom: Food and Drink Federation Scotland representative

Catherine Ferro: SFELC Secretariat

Chris McGuigan: Consultant in Public Health Medicine representative

Derek Oliver (East Lothian council) Chair of National Food Crime Advisory Group & Society of Chief Officers of Environmental Health in Scotland representative

Douglas Scott: Scottish Federation Meat Traders Association representative

Helen Henderson (Clackmannanshire Council) Chair of East of Scotland Food Liaison Group

Ian McWatt: Food Standards Scotland representative

Izzy Childs (City of Edinburgh Council) Chair of Lothian and Borders Food Liaison Group

Jane Couper: Chair of SFELC Food Standards Subcommittee

Jane White: Association of Public Analysts in Scotland representative

Joe Harkin (East Dunbartonshire Council) Chair of West of Scotland Food Liaison Group

Keith Dryburgh: Citizens Advice Scotland representative

Kevin Matheson: Scottish Government: Food, Drink and Trade Division representative

Lindsay Matthew (Dundee City Council) SFELC Vice Chair & Convention of Scottish Local Authorities representative

Lindsey Macdonald: National Farmers Union Scotland representative

Lisa Ackerley / William Macleod: British Hospitality Association representative

Lorna Murray: Food Standards Scotland representative

Lynda Browning: Health Protection Scotland representative

Martin Keeley (West Dunbartonshire Council) Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland representative

Maureen McLarty (South Ayrshire Council) Chair of SFELC Feedingstuffs Subcommittee & Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland representative

Paul Bradley (West Lothian Council) SFELC Honorary Secretary

Rachel Mirfattahi / Christine Fraser / Ruth Birt / Bill Crosson: : Institute of Food Science and Technology representative

Scott Anderson : Scottish Bakers representative

William Hamilton (Glasgow City Council) SFELC Chair

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