Our Sustainability Plan

The food environment is at the centre of many of today’s global sustainability challenges and opportunities, and the concept of sustainability has become increasingly important to the people of Scotland. We recognise that as regulators of the food industry in Scotland, we have a responsibility to do our part in the global effort to reach net zero. 

As part of our 2021-2026 Strategy, we have laid out our vision for a safe, healthy and sustainable food environment that benefits and protects the health and wellbeing of everyone in Scotland. We have now published our Sustainability Plan, detailing our ambitions, areas of influence and our five commitments and supporting actions to help tackle climate change as an organisation. 

Our five key commitments outlined in the plan are: 

  1. An overall approach focused on environmental sustainability as a key part of all future strategic plans.
  2. Environmental sustainability as part of every policy decision.
  3. A sustainable organisation reducing our direct footprint.
  4. Simple, effective governance to deliver and report on the progress of our programme.
  5. We will deliver a number of specific projects which support Scotland’s environmental priorities.

Click the link below to download our full Sustainability Plan and read about how we will achieve our sustainability goals. 

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