We regularly consult with stakeholders and consumers to develop policy that will ensure food and feed in Scotland continues to be safe, and help consumers make informed decisions about the food they eat.

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Engagement and consultation with stakeholders is a key part of the policy development process, as well as a way in which FSS can help protect the interests of consumers. Our approach to decision making is set out in the Food (Scotland) Act 2015. “Good decision making” means;

  • consulting people who may be affected by decisions before taking them,
  • having good information on which to take decisions and taking decisions based on that information,
  • recording decisions and the reasons for them, and
  • making decisions and the reasons for them publicly available.

We want to make sure that consumers, food and feed businesses, and the enforcement and scientific communities are able to engage in a constructive and meaningful way on the development of food safety, standards and nutrition policy. 

Consultations may be accompanied by draft Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments. Input from stakeholders who may be affected by any policy or legislative change is vital to the consultation and impact assessment process.

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Current consultations

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