Our remit

Read about our remit as a competent authority in Scotland to enforce and monitor food and feed regulations.

Hand holding a sign that states Our remit covers all aspects of the food chain in Scotland that can impact on public health

We are defined in law as a ‘competent authority’ and an ‘enforcement authority’ to implement and monitor food and feed regulations for Scotland, and our purpose is defined in the Food (Scotland) Act 2015

To deliver this, we have the following specific functions:

  • develop and help others develop policies on food and animal feed
  • advise the Scottish Government, other authorities and the public on food and animal feed
  • keep the Scottish public and users of animal feed advised to help them make informed decisions about food and feed stuffs
  • monitor the performance of food enforcement authorities.

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We regularly consult with stakeholders and consumers to develop policy that will ensure food and feed in Scotland continues to be safe, and help consumers make informed decisions about the food they eat.


Healthy, safe, sustainable: driving Scotland’s food future, our strategy from 2021 to 2026

Our new strategy acknowledges how the food environment, consumer interests and our responsibilities have changed since we were established in 2015.