Dietary Intake in Scotland’s Children (DISH) study

This study led by the University of Edinburgh will gather data about what young people eat and drink. This data will be used to support the improvement of children’s health in Scotland.

We are asking children and young people aged 2-15 years what they eat and drink in a national survey called DISH (Dietary Intake of Scotland's Children). The University of Edinburgh is leading the survey on behalf of Food Standards Scotland, with around 20,000 children invited to participate. A market research company based in Glasgow called Taylor McKenzie is conducting the survey.

Visit the Intake24 website to learn more about how we will collect the information.

The information collected from this survey will be analysed and presented in a final report which will be available in Spring 2024. This information will be used to support improvement of children’s health in Scotland. We work to help shape policy and advice on diet and to help achieve the Scottish Government’s ambition to halve childhood obesity by 2030.

"This important piece of work will be the first time in over a decade that we have collected information on what children and young people eat and drink in Scotland. In that time there has been a wave of changes to where we eat, and what is on offer. What surrounds us shapes us, and in Scotland we are surrounded by less healthy food and drink options. This makes it challenging for families in Scotland to eat well." 

- Dr Fiona Comrie, Senior Public Health Nutrition Adviser at FSS

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For more guidance on feeding and eating with children and young people.

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