Position statements and consultation responses

Our responses to Scottish Government, UK Government and other announcements relating to diet and nutrition

We have a role as the key, trusted, authoritative source of advice on the Scottish diet. We advise the Scottish Government, other authorities and the public on food, including responding to public consultations and producing positions statements on food and nutrition issues.

Consultations play an important role in developing policy to help improve diet in Scotland

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The Eatwell Guide

Following its publication in March 2016, FSS published a position statement of support for the new Eatwell Guide highlighting the extensive, robust and independent nature of its development.

Folic acid

In October 2018, UK Public Health Minister announced that the government would consult on mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid to prevent foetal abnormalities.

Soft drinks industry levy

In March 2016, UK government announced that it would introduce a Soft Drinks Industry Levy from April 2018.

Carbohydrates and health

In July 2015, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition published its review of the evidence on carbohydrates and health, which included new recommendations on intakes of free sugars and fibre.