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Our advice on healthy eating is underpinned by robust evidence on diet and nutrition.

Dietary guidance resource for Scotland

We have recently published a new online resource called Eat Well, Your Way.  The resource was designed to help consumers choose healthier options whilst taking into account busy schedules, budgets and other life pressures. It offers advice and tips on how to make small manageable changes in ways that suit the consumer. Consumers will find a range of tips and advice on topics such as meal planning, and shopping. They will be able to access information on making a change, based on a behaviour change methodology developed by NHS Education for Scotland. The MAP concept identifies individuals as either needing: MOTIVATION to make a change, at a stage to take ACTION, or at a stage where a PROMPT is required for successful behaviour change.

Before launching Eat Well, Your Way, we conducted research to explore how healthy eating advice could encompass wider social and cultural aspects of food choice or consumption. This research involved engagement with a wide range of stakeholders and consumers on the development of a dietary guidance resource for Scotland, to support the population to achieve a healthier diet. The main tool for communicating advice on a healthy balanced diet in the UK is the Eatwell Guide.

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Eatwell Everyday

Eatwell Everyday (previously called the eatwell week) demonstrates what a healthy diet looks like over the course of a week and provides two examples of a week’s meal plan. Eatwell Everyday brings together all recommendations for a healthy balanced diet and highlights the need to limit foods high in fats, salt and sugars in the diet, and base meals on starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.

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About Eatwell Everyday

Learn more about the resource and how you can use Eatwell Everyday to eat more healthily on your own.


​Eatwell Guide Booklet

The Eatwell Guide shows the proportions in which different types of foods are needed to have a well-balanced and healthy diet.