​FSS Board response to SACN Carbohydrate and Health Report

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The FSS Board met on 7 July 2015. This was an inter-sessional meeting, which had been called for the purpose of discussing a single agenda item, namely the recommendations contained in the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) Carbohydrate and Health Report. The item was taken in private because the report was to be published on 17 July in advance of the next FSS Board meeting. The Board was discussing the recommendations before the Report’s publication date in order to be in a position to provide timely advice to the Scottish Ministers. Minutes of the meeting will be published once they are agreed by the Board at their September meeting.

In conclusion, the Board:

  • agreed to accept the recommendations in the SACN Report on Carbohydrates and Health;
  • noted the scale of the challenge that will be required to effect dietary changes that will deliver health benefits;
  • agreed to write to the Minister of Public Health with the Board’s advice to accept the recommendations, and to note that FSS will provide further advice on risk management actions in due course; and
  • agreed that in developing advice on risk management actions, FSS will work collaboratively with officials in the relevant parts of the Scottish administration.