Microbiological criteria, sampling and pathogens

The specific requirements for the microbiological criteria of foodstuffs are set out in  Retained EU Regulation 2073/2005:

Contained in this regulation are food safety and process hygiene microbiological limits for various foodstuffs and stages of production, as well as sampling and testing methods.

For more information, please see the Meat Industry Guide chapter on microbiological criteria.

For information on specific pathogens, please refer to the factsheets produced by FSS on various pathogens:

Campylobacter sampling

Amongst the requirements laid out in Retained EU Regulation 2073/2005 are those pertaining to the sampling method for Campylobacter in broiler carcases.

Download a poster that sets out the Campylobacter sampling method laid out in 2073/2005 and provides practical guidance on how to carry out this method.

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Campylobacter sampling requirements - Poster

Poster providing the instructions for campylobacter sampling of broilers