Information on fishery products, hygiene and fish labelling.

Safe smoked fish tool  

We developed our free safe smoked fish tool to help smoked fish producers manage the risk of contamination of smoked fish by Listeria monocytogenes. It has multiple risk assessments to help businesses audit their practices, a handy glossary, and a resource page full of helpful advice.

Smoked, salted or marinated fish

The European Salmon Smokers Association’s (ESSA) guide to good practice for smoked and/or salted and/or marinated fish has been published by the European Commission. The guide was endorsed by the EU Member States.

The guide was developed with the aim to:

  • create a tool for all European fish smokers to have best practices and information for the production of safe products
  • cover the requirements set by the current European regulations and Codex Alimentarius
  • provide consumers with accurate and truthful information about the nature of the product they are consuming

Freezing fish and fishery products    

Food business operators must make sure that certain fishery products undergo a freezing treatment to kill parasites that may represent a risk to the health of the consumer. This includes products that are to be consumed raw or almost raw.

Access the publication for further details.

Retained EC Regulation 853/2004