Voluntary calorie labelling

Guidance for businesses operating in Scotland. 

View our voluntary calorie labelling guidance

Providing consumers with access to calorie information helps them to make more informed, healthier choices when eating out or ordering in. Calorie information has also been shown to stimulate businesses to review their menu items. It also encourages reformulation, which is one of the most effective ways the food industry can help improve the nation’s diet.

This guidance document is aimed at food businesses that operate in Scotland who want to provide calorie information voluntarily. It provides helpful guidance on how to comply with food law when implementing this within their premises.

This guidance covers the following topics:

• information on complying with food law when displaying calorie values

• methods of obtaining calorie information

• ways of ensuring that the calorie information provided is accurate for customers

• the four key principles to follow when providing calorie information at the point of choice

The guidance also complements MenuCal, our free and easy to use online calorie calculator and allergen management tool.

View our voluntary calorie labelling guidance.

Access our MenuCal tool.

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