Healthier catering

Guidance to help customers make healthier choices.

A series of short guides providing practical tips and advice on making changes to the food and drinks you buy, prepare, promote and serve to make it healthier. 

These sector specific guides can support making small, simple changes to help customers make healthier choices.  These changes can add up to make a big difference, supporting people living in Scotland to be healthier - it’s both good for business and good for the health of the nation. 

An increasing number of customers are looking for healthier choices when eating out or getting a takeaway.  This, in part, has been prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic which has made many of us think more about our health and wellbeing and what steps we can take to improve it.

There are eight different guides, depending on the type of food you serve.  

The following translated versions are available:

In this section

General healthier catering advice

General advice for healthier catering

Children’s menus

Healthier catering guide for children’s menus


Healthier catering tips for Chinese restaurants and takeaways

Chip shops

Healthier catering guide for chip shops

Indian and South Asian

Healthier catering guide for Indian and South Asian restaurants and takeaways


Healthier catering guide for Italian restaurants


Healthier catering guide for pizza shops

Sandwich shops

Healthier catering guide for sandwich shops

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