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Our education resources are here to support teachers across Scotland to deliver the food and health areas of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and the key principles of healthy eating and food safety.  

The 26 classroom activities were designed by FSS experts and teachers, and cover topics on food groups, food storage, allergies and labelling, food safety and hand washing. Our activities are easy to use and are designed to boost engagement in your class by using fun interactives, food cards and worksheets. 

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Food cards

Find out more about the food cards.

Key features of our healthy eating and food safety activities

Key features of the activities include:

  • Interactive tools
  • Easy to use lesson plans
  • Search by age and stage and Experience and Outcomes (Es+Os)
  • CfE-linked
  • All evidence-based

We hope you use these resources as your 'go to' for food and health learning. If you have any feedback please email us at

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CfE links

Each of our education activities is aligned with CfE and listed below you can find information about which E+O they correspond to.

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