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Using our resources

This section sets out how to use our resources, explains the activities, sets out the teachers' reference notes available and links to other useful resources.


We have developed a comprehensive online suite of engaging education resources to support teach the vital messages of healthy eating and food safety to P1 to S3s across Scotland.

The resources we offer are progressive, engaging activities that include cross-curricular ideas, making them relevant to many other subject areas, and support the  Health and Wellbeing (HWB) area of the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)  to deliver motivated learning. There are interactive sessions, worksheets and activities to choose from that support teaching of these vital messages in a fun and engaging way. Each activity offers opportunities for extra support and challenge where required so the teacher can tailor the lesson to their class.

Within each activity you will find learning intentions, resources required and information on how to deliver the activities to pupils. You will also find which area of CfE that the activity corresponds and, where applicable, information about cross-curricular links. 

Order food cards

Some activities use Food Cards which are vibrant bright cards describing 134 foods in terms of Healthy Eating, Food Safety, Shopping and Cooking. They can be ordered from

Alternatively, the cards can be downloaded and printed (please print off single-sided):

The activities explained

The activities, which were put together by FSS with help from teachers, give some suggested activities for healthy eating and food safety activities that teachers can tailor to their class.

Other food safety activities are based around digital interactives and some have resources such as worksheets as a basis for the learning.

The activities are selected using different criteria, either:

  • Stage: P1-3, P3-5, P5-7, S1-3
  • Subject areas: Food and consumer/Nutrition/Safe and hygienic practices
  • CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Different varied activities for teaching about healthy eating and food safety messages are suggested and cross-curricular ideas to help plan interdisciplinary learning are made, but there will be many other links that can be made depending on the class and teacher’s ideas.

For each activity we lay out the Experiences and Outcomes covered by the activity and suggest the resources that teachers will need to collate. To help focus the learning we set out the learning intentions and success criteria for each activity.

Monitoring progress of pupils should be through the CfE benchmarks – these should be used to help monitor progress and support overall professional judgement of when a learner has achieved a curriculum level. We also give ideas for assessment under the headings of what the pupils can make, say, write or do in line with the guidelines from the Curriculum For Excellence supported by the National Assessment Resource.

There is some overlap between the stages so we consider that although activities are linked to a particular stage (P1-3, 3-5, 5-7, S1-3) there are ideas for support and extension so they can be adapted for different levels where more support or challenge may be required.

There is also a Homelink activity or idea for each stage that can be used to encourage pupils to share their learning with their parents/carers.

Healthy Eating Tutorial

This is a useful tool for those with no background in nutrition but who may give healthy eating messages to others as part of their job e.g. those working in health, education, the community, local authority, retail, catering and food manufacturing. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll know what a healthy diet looks like, why it’s important, and what help is available to achieve it. There is also an optional assessment module and provided you pass you will receive a certificate. 

Other useful resources

Education Scotland - Experiences and Outcomes

Experiences and outcomes are used to help plan learning and to assess progress.

Business in the Community Scotland

Works in partnership with Education Scotland and Scottish Government to fund and support the Food for Thought education programme.

Chefs @ School

Aims to encourage culinary and food professionals to work with teachers and children to develop practical skills.

Dumfries House

Located in Cumnock, Ayrshire, children can plant, nurture and harvest vegetables, perform investigations and understand the importance of soil and how to manage it.

Keep Scotland Beautiful

Engages people in a fun, active experience getting to know the good foods, people and places local to them.

Quality Meat Scotland

Browse a range of education activities designed to support awareness of where our food comes from.

Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

A Scottish charity that works to promote the advancement of environmental health through education, training and qualifications. Through the Schools Initiative, they offer food hygiene and food and health qualifications for secondary pupils in Scotland.

Royal Highland Education Trust

Aims to provide the opportunity for every child and teacher in Scotland to learn about food, farming and the countryside.

Royal Horticultural Society – Campaign for school gardening

This free online resource is designed to help schools make the most of their school gardens

Food and Drink Federation Scotland (FDF Scotland): A Future in Food

Aims to inspire young people to consider the food and drink industry as a career choice.

Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland

Engages young people in practical hands-on science and engineering activities and enthuse them to pursue STEM careers

Zero Waste Scotland

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign highlights why it is important to reduce food waste and how to get involved.

British Nutrition – Food a fact of life

A wealth of free resources about healthy eating, cooking, food and farming for children and young people aged 3 to 18 years in the UK.

More on this topic

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The Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell Guide helps us eat a healthy, balanced diet.

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Healthy Eating Tutorial

Welcome to Food Standards Scotland online healthy eating tutorial

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