Additives and E numbers

Retained EU law, applicable in Scotland, requires food additives to be assessed for safety before they can be used in food.

E numbers on additives mean they have passed safety tests and have been approved for use in Great Britain including Scotland.

Find out more about additives and e-numbers on the Food Standards Agency website.

'Southampton Six' food colours

Consumption of mixes of certain artificial food colours and the preservative sodium benzoate could be linked to increased hyperactivity in some children. 

Visit the Food Standards Agency website for more information on the artificial colours and preservatives.

Glycerol (E 422)

FSS and the Food Standards Agency FSA have issued voluntary industry guidance on glycerol in slush-ice drinks, advising that they should not be sold to children four years of age and under. 

Read our full guidance about glycerol (E 422).