Share it — go treat-free on Tuesdays

Changing the eating habits of a lifetime can feel like a challenge at first.

Getting friends and family to change with you will help you stay motivated and have fun as you go along. It also means they won’t tempt you by suggesting to meet up for cake and coffee! You don’t need to limit yourself to friends and family. Whether it’s in the playground or at sports clubs, having a chat with other parents about healthy eating is a great way to find new ideas and spread the word, helping everyone to build a healthier future together.

One way to start making a change is to encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to join you in #treatfreetuesday. Make your pledge to drop unnecessary treats and snacks every Tuesday on social media and see who else is joining you. Check out our Helpful information and links page for some more inspiration and to get started with sharing tips of your own.

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