Let’s change our future

Most of us know we treat ourselves and our kids with unhealthy snacks too often.

Unless we make changes to what we’re eating now, 40% of us could be classed as obese by 2030, which will cause a lot of health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. We don’t have to accept this future. Supermarkets, manufacturers and governments all have a huge role to play to tackle the problem – but by cutting down and swapping unhealthy snacks and treats for healthier options we can all make a big difference to our future health too.

In this section

The facts about snacking

Find out more about snacking and how it can affect you and your children's future health.

Drop it — breaking habits

Most of us enjoy chocolate bars, sweets and crisps every now and again – but there’s a difference between a treat and a habit.

Swap it — better snacking

Snacking isn’t always bad. Healthy snacks can be helpful for keeping kids going between meals and adding nutrients to the diets of picky eaters.

Swap it — treats and rewards

As parents, rewarding our kids for good behaviour is a great way of helping them grow and learn.

Share it — go treat-free on Tuesdays

Changing the eating habits of a lifetime can feel like a challenge at first.

Helpful information

There’s a whole world of help out there to make changing snacking habits much easier – from inspiration for things to eat to mobile apps.