Shellfish results

Our programme of testing shellfish waters in Scotland is known as the Official control monitoring (live bivalve molluscs) programme.

The Food Standards Scotland (FSS) official control (OC) monitoring programmes monitor Scotland’s classified production areas for the presence of marine biotoxin producing phytoplankton in waters, marine biotoxins in shellfish flesh and also levels of E.coli in shellfish flesh.

Our results are published here weekly:

Latest results for Biotoxin, Phytoplankton and E. coli

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Scotland’s Aquaculture Website

Scotland’s Aquaculture Website is a resource developed in partnership by Food Standards Scotland (FSS), Scottish Environmental Protection Area (SEPA), The Crown Estate (CE) and Marine Scotland (MS) to provide access to a range of aquaculture information from within Scotland.

FSS publish results from the Biotoxin, Phytoplankton and E.coli official control (OC) monitoring programmes on a weekly basis and the website serves as access to all historic shellfish monitoring results.

Data is fully searchable within the website and can also be downloaded to Excel format to allow user interrogation of results.

Scotland’s Aquaculture Website also enables spatial analysis due to the integrated mapping software. This function provides the user with the ability to view FSS classified shellfish harvesting areas, representative monitoring points and sample collection points, as well as the ability to overlay/compare these spatial layers with data from our other partner agencies.


Shellfish safety and sanitation

FSS is required, by European legislation, to undertake an extensive programme of Official Control monitoring of LBMs and marine phytoplankton (algae) from LBM harvesting waters.


E Coli Protocol


Food safety research

A summary of our current food safety research projects.