Dining out

Many of us treat ourselves to a burger every now and then. An average cheeseburger has about 345 calories, which is perfectly fine for a main meal from time to time. But if you say yes to regular fries (about 295 calories), you’re almost doubling that. A side of onion rings? That's another 234 calories on average. 

You might be offered some garlic bread while you’re waiting and suddenly you’ve got another 380 or so calories on your plate. Say yes please to dessert (around 705 calories), to adding ice-cream to it (about 127) or a sugary fizzy drink (159 on average) and before you know it you’re not only spending two or three times the cost of the burger, but you’re eating around half of your daily recommended calorie allowance in one sitting.


Amount of weight you could gain over the course of a year by upsizing from a cheeseburger to a meal with regular fries, regular fizzy drink and onion rings  once a week (688 kcals per week)