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Saying yes to upsizing could lead to an upsized you!

It's time to say #NoToUpsizing

Do you have what it takes to keep your wits about you when you’re eating out so you don’t end up having more than you need? 

Can you resist the upsize? Play the game to find out!

Can you resist the upsize? Play the game to find out!

Play the Upsizing game. Find out how many calories you could save by saying no!
Warning: This game contains flashing images

Play the NoToUpsizing game! 

We’ve all done it. You pop into a restaurant, café, newsagent or cinema with the aim of picking up one or two things – a drink or maybe something to eat – and before you know it you’ve just bought a much bigger portion. How did that happen? 

It’s known as ‘upsizing’, and it’s a common practice. It can be very easy for us to say yes to upsizes, especially when it feels like a good deal, but we don’t have to! It’s up to us to say ‘no thanks’ to those extra calories. It all adds up.

When could you experience upsizing?

Many restaurants and cafes might try to encourage you to buy just that little bit more than you wanted to. It might be good business for them, but it’s not great for you as you end up spending more than you intended to, while taking on all those extra calories. There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘no thanks’. Nothing at all.

So here are some handy numbers to keep in your head for the next time you’re tempted to say: ‘Oh, go on then’ to an upsize.

Average Recommended calories per day

  • Men: 2,500
  • Women: 2,000

But this will vary considerably depending on a number of factors including, size, gender and physical activity levels.

Dining out

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Adding a portion of fries

295 Calories
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Adding a dessert (sticky toffee pudding)

705 Calories
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Garlic bread

Adding a portion of garlic bread

380 Calories
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Onion rings

Adding a portion of onion rings

234 Calories
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Fizzy drink

Adding a large fizzy drink

351 Calories
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Adding ice-cream with dessert

127 Calories
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Garlic bread with cheese

Adding a portion of garlic bread with cheese

528 Calories
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Cinnamon swirl

Buying a cinnamon swirl to have with your coffee

341 Calories
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Adding an individual/starter portion of nachos

825 Calories

Food on the go

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Meal deal

Extra calories from adding sugary drink and crisps

285 Calories
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Large chocolate bar

1005 Calories
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Large latte

62 calories more than a medium

62 Calories
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Cream and marshmallows

Extra calories from adding cream and marshmallows to hot chocolate

158 Calories
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Extra calories from adding a brownie with a latte

346 Calories
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“Grab bag” of crisps

85 more calories than a regular sized bag

85 Calories

Out and about

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Large sweet popcorn

Upsizing from small to large sweet popcorn

689 Calories
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Large fizzy drink

Extra calories added from a large sugary fizzy drink at the cinema

351 Calories
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Train confectionery

Buying confectionery or biscuits on a train

208 Calories

See how we calculated the calories here.

Can you be tempted?

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