Cooking for people with allergies

If someone is allergic to something, simply taking it off their plate isn’t enough.

Even a tiny trace can be enough to cause an allergic reaction and food allergens cannot be removed by cooking, so it is important that they are managed carefully.  

When you prepare food for someone with a food allergy you should:

  • Ask your guest (or their parents or carers, if you are cooking for a child) what they can and cannot eat
  • Before you start preparing food, clean all work surfaces and equipment thoroughly using hot, soapy water to remove traces of anything you might have cooked before.
  • Keep allergens separate from other foods and follow advice for avoiding cross-contact in the kitchen.
  • Double check ingredients listed on pre-packed foods e.g. sauces for allergens.
  • Keep a note of the ingredients used in your dish so you can answer any questions your guests may have about the food.

Business owners

Do you work in the food industry? Make sure you’re aware of your legal requirements when it comes to allergies.

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