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Whether you’re shopping or cooking, these tips will help make sure the food you cook and eat won’t do you any harm.

Knowing how to prepare and cook food helps keep the food you and your family eat safe. These simple tips will help make sure the food you cook and eat won’t do you any harm.

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Cooking food

Food poisoning isn’t just something you get outside your home – the meals you prepare can be a source of food poisoning too.


Stop germs growing by keeping them cold. Look out for a 'use by' date or 'keep refrigerated' on the label.


Keep yourself and your kitchen clean by washing and drying your hands thoroughly.

Cross Contamination

It’s easy for germs to spread around the kitchen – stop the spread by avoiding cross-contamination.

Fresh Produce

Advice for safely storing, handling and cooking raw fruit and vegetables.

Parties and Events

A successful party is one you and your guests enjoy. Obviously, that means no food poisoning!


Storage is another important stage when preparing food to help keep you and your family safe.


Storing, handling and preparing eggs safely.

Raw Pet Food

It's important to follow good food safety practices when preparing and handling raw pet food. 

Christmas food safety checklist

Use our food safety checklist to reduce the risk of food poisoning at Christmas

BBQ food safety

Follow these tips to help you to cook safely, making sure your barbecue is memorable for the right reasons.

Date Labelling

Guidance on use by and best before dates.