The Out of Home Environment in Scotland (2019)

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Food Standards Scotland (FSS) commissioned Kantar to provide data on the Out of Home (OOH) food and drink landscape for Great Britain, with particular focus on Scotland, for 2019.  This report provides an overview of the OOH market, focussing on three key areas: delivery & takeaway, food “on the go” and children’s OOH consumption. Although the focus is on Scotland, certain markets are provided using data for total GB to ensure robustness.

The data covers a period of time directly before the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore provides a baseline for further investigation regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the OOH food and drink environment.

The key findings of the report include:

The OOH market

  • In Scotland, people spend around £4.6bn a year in the OOH market.  On average people visited OOH around four times a week spending £2.34 per item.

Delivery and Takeaway

  • Takeaways account for about 11% of total OOH trips in Scotland with £820m spent annually, with an average of 32 trips per person.
  • Emerging food technology delivery apps and aggregators are driving the growth of the Scottish takeaway market.

Food “on the go” (FOTG)

  • In Scotland the FOTG market accounts for the majority of OOH occasions, where on average each person makes around 131 trips per year spending £1.64 per trip.
  • In Scotland, the majority of food and drink consumed at FOTG occasions are consumed in the workplace or outside.

Children’s consumption

  • In Scotland, purchasing for children makes up more than 10% of OOH trips, with an average of 59 trips made yearly and £3.61 spent per item.
  • Convenience retailers and quick service restaurants (QSR) are the most important when buying for children OOH, with younger children favouring QSRs.*

* denotes GB data used.

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