An assessment of the out of home food and drink landscape in Scotland (2015)

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This report provides evidence on the out of home food and drink market in Scotland, including an assessment of how this environment has changed since 2012, as well as foods and drinks most consumed and motivations when eating out.

The key findings of the report include:

  • Brands have a large and growing share of the out of home market in Scotland. However, independents still hold around half of the total market.
  • Quick service restaurant burgers and coffee shops have grown strongly in Scotland, bringing us to nearly the same level as Great Britain.
  • People in Scotland are buying more but spending less out of home compared to GB overall with more families and the least affluent visiting out of home in the last year.
  • Many of the top food and beverages consumed out of home in Scotland tend to be less healthy, including chips/French fries, burgers and regular cola.
  • Children between 0-12 yrs consume these types of foods more often out of home than adults.
  • Health is not a key factor when eating out of home, and appears to be decreasing in importance in Scotland. Furthermore, the motivation to treat ourselves or others has increased.

This report supports efforts by FSS to develop new strategies to improve the Scottish diet out of home, and will help ensure that efforts are focussed on the products, meals and types of outlets where they will have the greatest impact.