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Everyone involved in the food industry is aware of the importance of good food hygiene practices and of the need to handle food in a safe, clean environment.

CookSafe helps catering businesses in Scotland understand and implement HACCP-based systems. By reading this manual and following the instructions, you will be able to develop HACCP-based procedures that fit your needs.

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How the manual can help you

‘CookSafe’ is split into 5 sections as follows:

1.Introduction Section

Contains guidance on the HACCP terms used in this manual

2. Flow Diagram Section

Provides guidance and a template for you to draw your own Flow Diagram

3. HACCP Charts Section

Shows you what could go wrong at each process step and what you need to do about it. Guidance and examples are provided for you to consider in relation to your business

4. House Rules Section

Contains guidance and templates to help you write your own House Rules building on your day-to-day safe working practices.

House Rules

5. Records Section

Contains guidance and templates for you to use to link in with all the other sections


For caterers using the July 2006 version of CookSafe, please incorporate these sections into your CookSafe system as part of your review process and train your staff in this new information. Advice on cross contamination prevention was updated in 2011-2012. Three of the House Rules in CookSafe have been updated to introduce this new advice – Personal Hygiene, Cleaning and Cross Contamination Prevention. Minimal changes have also been done to the Introduction and weekly record found in the Records Section.

Cooksafe Amendments

CookSafe in other languages

Cooksafe is also available in Chinese, Punjabi, Bengali and Urdu.

CookSafe Bengali

CookSafe Punjabi

Cooksafe Urdu

CookSafe Chinese

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