Procurement Exercise for the Delivery of Meat Official Controls


1. Please could you provide a breakdown of the individual scores of the individual evaluation panel members? 

2. Could you please confirm the extent to which the original scores of the evaluation panel were amended during the moderation process? 

3. Could you please explain what guidance was given to the evaluation panel with regard to proportionate scoring and giving credit for all positive aspects of any response?

4. Could you please explain what guidance was provided to evaluation panel managers in terms of justifying their scoring? 

5. Could you please provide copies of the individual evaluation panel members’ scoring justification? 

6. Could you please confirm that the evaluation panel members were all completely independent of both HMMH and E&J, in the sense of having no direct or indirect business or personal connection to any representative of the incumbent? 


1. I enclose a copy of the information you requested.

Annex 1 - 5

2. The answer to your question is as follows:

Question 2.1 – Evaluator 4 – original score of “4” - moderation meeting - score of “3”

Question 5.1 – Evaluator 1 – original score of “4” - moderation meeting - score of “3”

Question 5.1 – Evaluator 2 – original score of “4” - moderation meeting - score of “3”

Question 5.1 – Evaluator 4 – original score of “4” - moderation meeting - score of “3”

Question 6.1 – Evaluator 2 – original score of “3” - moderation meeting - score of “2”

Question 6.1 – Evaluator 4 – original score of “4” - moderation meeting - score of “3”

Question 6.2 – Evaluator 3 – original score of “2” - moderation meeting - score of “3”

3. The Technical Evaluation Panel were provided with a guidance document which summarised the award criteria questions/weightings and scoring guide, the same information as detailed in the Instructions to Tenderers (ITT) document provided to Tenderers.  The guide also includes an extract of the ITT, ie Schedule 1 (Specification) and Schedule 4 (Management Information).  I enclose a copy of the Technical Evaluation Guide and embedded Evaluator Scoring Sheet.   

Annex 6 & 7

4. The guidance provided to the evaluation panel members was the same scoring guidance detailed in the ITT document and the Technical Evaluator guide, see Annex 6 & 7. 

5. The individual evaluation panel members scoring justification is provided within the documents in response to question 1. 

6. All technical evaluation panel members are required to complete a Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality Form, please see Annex 8.  I can confirm that all evaluators completed this form.  There were representatives on the technical panel who are responsible for contract management of the current contract.

Annex 8

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