New Delivery Model - Animal Feed Official Controls

Information about the proposed new model for the delivery of official controls in animal feed

Take part in the consultation

We are currently working with stakeholders to design a new model for the delivery of official controls in animal feed.  To support the development of this, we are running a consultation until 8 July and are looking for views from stakeholders.

Currently, local authorities (LAs)  carry out official controls to make sure feed businesses in their area are complying with feed law. FSS only has administrative functions in relation to feed.

A range of issues have been identified that have contributed to a reduction in official control activity across Scotland in recent years.

Improving the current capability and ensuring a sustainable model for future delivery will enhance public health, animal welfare and economic outcomes for the country.

This page will be updated as we work on a new model for delivery of official feed control.

Current risks and potential impacts

We have identified a range of potential risks of not making any changes, as well as the potential impact of implementing a new model. These include risks relating to the economy, trade, public health, animal welfare and social impacts. You can read about these in detail in our consultation documents.

Proposed model

The model proposes the transfer of competence for feed law functions from LAs to FSS. LAs or other qualifying third parties will deliver functions on behalf of FSS using local knowledge and technical and professional expertise, the detail of which shall be outlined in delegated service level agreements. Where this is not possible, FSS will deliver this function.

The model will ensure that LAs and other third parties that are involved receive funding relevant for the work delivered.


The consultation will help inform the development of the new regulations needed to deliver the new model.

Governance and support arrangements

Governance arrangements would include:​​​​

  • delegated service level agreement,
  • costing model,
  • monitoring,
  • communication between agencies, the industry and the public, and
  • audit


To support the proposed new model, we will

  • develop guidance documents
  • develop and implement training, inspection and sampling plans,
  • appoint Agricultural Analyst(s) (Procurement)

What we've done

Feed Management Information System

A new system to promote consistency and quality on the delivery of feed official controls throughout Scotland that allows for:

  • Mobile access for officers to feed inspection process
  • Central collation of feed premises in Scotland through the Feed Premises Database
  • Risk rating system moving towards existing UK system, making use of approved assurance schemes;
  • National inspection reports, specific for different business types, to assist with effective delivery and improve consistency;
  • Flexibility with both online and offline capability;
  • Directly generates reports, reducing time consuming back office work.

Grants and support to Agricultural Analysts

Grants were provided by FSS to LAs in 2019 to increase feed sampling provision.

Professional Development

Training courses have been delivered in:

  • Sampling
  • Labelling and composition
  • E-learning modules (under development)

A new competency framework has also been developed.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the new feed delivery model, please email us at

The consultation closes on 8 July 2020, and we'd appreciate if you could take the time to give your views on the proposed model.

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We regularly consult with stakeholders and consumers to develop policy that will ensure food and feed in Scotland continues to be safe, and help consumers make informed decisions about the food they eat.

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