Incident prevention

All businesses, irrespective of size, should be taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that the produce they supply meets safety requirements.

As part of our incident prevention strategy we monitor food and feed safety patterns in Scotland and provide guidance and workshops to industry.

Businesses, at all stages of the food or feed chain, must take reasonable and proportionate precautions to ensure that their produce meets food or feed safety requirements and may wish to consider the following actions: 

  • use trusted sources of raw materials and ingredients,
  • conduct supplier audits,
  • utilise assurance schemes,
  • utilise food safety management standards, and
  • ask your local authority for advice

We have developed a leaflet focused on lead poisoning in response to the consistently high numbers of lead on-farm incidents. It is aimed at farmers and is designed to raise awareness to help prevent these incidents and to mitigate risk to consumers.

Food Standards Scotland On Farm Poisoning leaflet cover