Food crime Q&A

Industry experts Ron McNaughton and Professor Chris Elliot answer your questions about food crime.

On Monday 7 October experts Ron McNaughton, Head of the Scottish Food Crime and Incidents Unit (SFCIU), at Food Standards Scotland, and Chris Elliott, Professor of Food Security at Queen's University Belfast and Director of the Institute for Global Food Safety, took part in a joint question and answer interview tackling a variety of food crime issues.

Watch the video in full or shorter clips from the interview:

About Ron McNaughton and Professor Elliott

Ron McNaughton - Head of the Scottish Food Crime and Incidents Unit

Ron was initially a consultant for Food Standards Scotland and became the Head of the Scottish Food Crime and Incidents Unit in 2016 after being asked to build a food crime capability by the Chief Executive.

A former Senior Police Officer in Scotland, he retired from the Police in 2015, after 30 years’ service. During this period he served in a number of operational policing roles.


Professor Chris Elliott - Director of the Institute for Global Food Safety at Queen's University Belfast

Chris is currently Professor of Food Safety and founder of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast. He served as Pro Vice Chancellor responsible for the Medical and Life Sciences Faculty between 2015 and 2018.  He has published more than 400 peer review articles, many of them relating to the detection and control of agriculture, food and environmental related contaminants. His main research interests are in the development of innovative techniques to provide early warning of toxin threats across complex food supply systems. Protecting the integrity of the food supply chain from fraud is also a key research topic and Chris led the independent review of Britain’s food system following the 2013 horsemeat scandal.

He currently co-ordinates a flagship Horizon2020 project involving 16 European and 17 Chinese partners on food safety and also  co-ordinates an European Institute of Innovation and Technology flagship research project.

In 2017 he was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Theophilus Redwood Prize and was also awarded an OBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.