Advanced Online Allergen Training

Welcome to Food Standards Scotland's Advanced Online Allergen Training.

This training is intended for use by food businesses to understand more about food hypersensitivities and the legal requirements that must be complied with when providing food and allergen information to consumers.

Food hypersensitivity – such as food allergy, food intolerance and cœliac disease – is an adverse reaction to food that can cause unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening symptoms.

This training was initially developed by the Greater Gwent Food Group, the Food Standards Agency and Trading Standards Wales, and was later adapted by Food Standards Scotland for the purpose of this training.

This advanced allergen training builds on our existing Online Allergy Training by providing food businesses with a more detailed and in-depth look into allergen management within catering environments. Both training tools operate independently from each other and it is therefore not a requirement for the existing training to be completed before carrying out this advanced training.

Access our other Online Allergy Training tool.

The video resources used within this training were developed by Lancashire County Council Trading Standards and Hyndburn Borough Council Environmental Health.