Incident Management Framework

Our Incident Management Framework outlines our processes and structures for non-routine food and feed incidents. 

Food Standards Scotland commissioned an independent review of the organisation’s incident management approach in 2017.

The resulting Incident Management Framework outlines Food Standards Scotland’s processes and structures when fulfilling our responsibilities in response to Scottish non-routine food or feed-related incidents when those are led by Food Standards Scotland.  It has been developed in recognition of the size and structure of our organisation, whilst continuing to be aligned to the principles of the equivalent Food Standards Agency’s non-routine incident management plan applicable in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This framework will be reviewed regularly to reflect procedural amendments which may be identified during incident handling, emergency exercises and discussions with stakeholders.

Separately, we also undertook a review of incident communications and developed a new Incident Communications Plan to underpin the framework and set out the guiding principles and protocols Food Standards Scotland adheres to when communicating with the public and others during non-routine incidents. 

The principles applied during Incident Management are outlined in our Incident Management Approach.