​Wild game guides and HACCP

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The Wild Game Guide (WGG) provides guidance for the Scottish wild game food sector, as well as enforcement officers, on the food hygiene legal requirements which apply to the hunting, processing and supply of wild game into the food chain. Whilst the applicable food hygiene regulatory requirements are the same across the UK, this revised guide has been produced for hunters, suppliers and processors of wild game in Scotland, as well as relevant Scottish enforcement officers. The creation of a standalone Scottish guide will allow FSS to be more attentive to specific Scottish stakeholder priorities in the future development of the guide.

The guide was fully reviewed and revised from 2020-2021 with a Food Standards Scotland guide published on 16th December 2021. The review of the guide involved a public consultation which sought views from stakeholders on the content of a draft revised guide and closed on the 24th of December 2020. It is hoped the revised guide is more user friendly and brings greater clarity to the legal requirements which apply in the various circumstances in which wild game is hunted and supplied for human consumption.

The guide was developed with significant cooperation from the wild game industry, including response to a public consultation held 1st October 2020. We would like to extend our thanks to industry for their cooperation and patience during the development of the revised guide.

People in the rest of the UK should access the wild game guide on the FSA website. It should be noted however, that the food hygiene legal requirements which apply to wild game food production are the same throughout the UK.