Rapid Evidence Review: How Effective is Calorie Labelling in the Out of Home Sector?

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Food Standards Scotland (FSS) carried out a rapid review of the best available evidence to determine the extent to which calorie labelling could support a reduction in calories consumed OOH in Scotland. This review evaluates the effectiveness of calorie labelling as an intervention, and provides an estimate of impact on population level calorie intakes.

Summary of findings:

  • It was found that calorie labelling could lead to a reduction in population level calories being ordered and consumed in the OOH sector.
  • There was also evidence which found that calorie labelling can reduce calories through reformulation, by providing impetus for businesses to reduce calories in their offerings.

The findings support FSS recommendations to progress with proposals for mandatory calorie labelling in Scotland.  This is one of a range of interventions to improve the OOH food environment in Scotland announced in the Scottish Government’s OOH Action Plan in September 2021.