Overview of the Total Food and Drink Landscape in Scotland 2021

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We worked with Kantar who provided data on how we interacted with the total food and drink landscape in Scotland, which consists of the take home (retail) and out of home (OOH) markets.  This report provides an overview, making comparisons with data for 2021 and 2019, to allow us to explore our eating behaviours.

The key findings of the report include:


  • In 2021, the total combined food & drink market had a value of £14.1 billion, a 1.2% increase from 2019.
  • Take home spend increased by 12.7% to £10.4 billion in 2021, whereas spend OOH decreased by 21.9% to £3.6 billion, compared to 2019.
  • Supermarkets accounted for the majority of take home spend in 2021 (69.3%). Within OOH, quick service restaurants accounted for the largest percentage of spend (34.1%) and was the only OOH channel that saw an increase compared to 2019.

Trip frequency

  • In 2021, the total number of take home trips was 666 million, and 651 million for OOH. There was an average of 253 take home trips per household in 2021, for OOH the average number of trips was 152 per consumer.
  • For both take home and OOH the average number of trips was higher for households and consumers from social class group C2DE. For both markets, households and consumers from social class group ABC1 spent more on average than those from social class C2DE.

Online purchases

  • In 2021, the average spend per online trip for take home and OOH delivery was higher compared to the total market average. An increase of 278% and 158% respectively.

Price promotions

  • Share of spend on take home promotions declined in 2021 vs. 2019, a decrease of three percentage points to 27.8%. Temporary price reductions (TPR) accounted for 21.1% of total take home spend in 2021.
  • In 2021, sandwiches and carbonated drinks made up over half of the spend on promotions OOH.