Our Food 2022: An annual review of food standards across the UK

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This is the second annual report into food standards across the UK. It’s a data and evidence-led review of whether food standards in the UK improved, declined or were maintained in 2022.

The report is made up of four chapters, each focusing on a different factor affecting our food system in 2022:

  1. 'The nation's plate' explores whether food price inflation and other cost of living pressured may have affected consumer choice and behaviour
  2. In ‘Going global’ we examine how the pattern of how food imports changed during 2022
  3. The ‘Keeping it clean’ chapter reviews the latest available data on food hygiene standards across a range of food and feed businesses
  4. Safe and sound’ brings together data and evidence gathered by the FSA and FSS to assess the safety and authenticity of the food we buy.

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